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A new drug, called aducanumab, was able to destroy brain plaques in people with early-stage Alzheimerís disease.

Alzheimerís disease is an incurable brain disorder that leads to problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Scientists believe that itís caused by the buildup of strange protein clumps, called plaques and tangles, in the brain. Those clumps block brain cells from sending messages to each other and the body.

For the study, 165 individuals were split into four groups: each group was given different monthly doses of IV aducanumab over 54 weeks. One group was given a fake version of the drug, called a placebo, to make sure that the effects werenít happening because of peopleís mental state or motivation level.

The drug decreased the number of brain plaques for the 125 individuals who continued taking it for the whole length of the studyó40 people dropped out because of serious side effects including fluid building up around the brain. Common, but less serious side effects included headaches and urinary tract infections.

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