Affiliate Marketing - Tips and Tricks

Writer and Webmaster Billy Booth is releasing his new Ebook, "Affiliate Marketing - Tips and Tricks." This ebook is chock full of information for the beginning marketer and the more experienced one.

Using his 20+ years of online experience, he has amassed 100,000 optin subscribers to his mailing lists. He has learned what works and what doesn't through trial and error and much research. He has built two successful websites, one of which has routinely received over 1 million page views per month.

In his book he doesn't waste any time with the negatives, just the programs and services that the marketer needs in today's Internet marketplace, and how to use them.

Loads of information is given about email marketing and how to get traffic, both free and paid. Also he discusses in length how to set up your domain and your website with insights on blogging, branding and creating your own products. Also how to track your traffic for free is addressed. How to implement video in advertising is also discussed. And much more!

There are hundreds of links to great places on the Net that will save you lots of time to get your marketing where you want it to be. Only 3.99 will secure your purchase.

16 Chapters of Vital Information, One Low Price of 3.99